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To start with Some Information about Myself:

Currently A high School Student in South Florida, Flanagan High specifically. Studying computer science, and teaching myself graphic design, html, and a few other tricks along the way. Sports fan; from hockey, to football, to an occasional baseball game here and there. Been known to watch golf or lacross on the side as well. Avid gamer. Currently Own a PC(obviously), a PS2, and a few older systems including genesis, snes, dreamcast, and some old handhelds. Music is a major part of everything I do. Cannot be without a cd/mp3 player or stereo. Mostly Like Rock, Alternative, Indie, Emo, Punk, Ska, and just about anything rock oriented.
The Purpose of Making This Site:
Basically started as a place to house my wallpapers, skins, pictures, and other creations. Especially after starting to map and skin for games, I needed a host to keep everything organized. In the past I have had a weblog set up that worked well, but just never had the time to keep it running. I hope this one does better, and the layout is much simpler and easier to update