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Tuesday, December 03, 2002
IRO has been having major server problems(what else is new), so things have been rough getting it working. Apparently the database reformatted itself(how nice) and they now we have to make new characters. On top of that the server is back down again for an *unknown* problem. Whee its just like old times. Hopefull things will be fixed soon.
posted by Mark at 4:35 PM

Thursday, November 28, 2002
Ragnarok Online is coming back november 2nd in closed beta form. I am signed up and ready to go, and will hopefully be accepted. Maybe this will give me some encouragement to use my site more often. Or just take any free time away from possibly adding to the site.
posted by Mark at 10:06 PM

Thursday, November 14, 2002
November, Week 2: Sloth Factor has once again set in causing this page to rarely be updated as originally planned. I have a new T2 map up at called Powder, and also a new wallpaper up at . Eventually I will get around to actually updating the site as planned, no telling when though.
posted by Mark at 9:41 PM

Saturday, September 14, 2002
Check Check its the microphone check!
posted by Mark at 8:57 PM

Friday, September 06, 2002
Long week of school is over. Time to get back to fixing this site up. Skins and maps 'should' be up tonight. I hope to get most sections up. Also anyone wanting links added feel free to email me at or surferflames on aim or msn messenger.
posted by Mark at 4:46 PM

Saturday, August 31, 2002
Ok layout setup, mostly. Still messing around with some things, and using this post to test some other things.
posted by Mark at 9:01 PM

Decided to start a blog again. Haven't used it in a while and been meaning to set a new site up. Basically this will have my regularly updated journal of complaining, commenting, and criticing anything and everything. For those looking for my tribes2 maps and skins they will also show up here shortly as well. Still working on a good host but tripod will have to do for now.
posted by Mark at 6:20 PM

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